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"A+ Rating! Energy Recruiting does a great job!"

Charlie Green

Fraca Energy Services, Inc.

"Energy Recruiting Services has been great to work with. They listen to our concerns and requests and send us applicants that are well qualified and eager to work with our company. It's great to be able to trust and rely on someone to send us the applicants that we spend many hours looking for. Thanks Energy Recruiting Services!"

Luke Taylor

LT Enterprises, Inc

Watford City, ND

"We have been working with Energy Recruiting Services now for the last 6 months and have had nothing but excellent things to say about them. They are very thorough on their search for employees for us as well as met all of the criteria we have asked for. We tried our own hiring at first only to find that it was very time consuming for us as well as being able to research each prospect was nearly impossible. Energy Recruiting Services went above and beyond any of my expectations and has made my life so simple in the hiring process. I can not thank them enough for their hard work and we will continue using them in our North Dakota and Texas operations."

Shane Gardner

Operations manager

Lost River Oilfield Services

"I have had the pleasure of working with Energy Recruiting Services for the last six months. They are an outstanding group of hard working people. I have worked with both Melissa, and Kimberly. In our business we haul crude oil. Its hard to find qualified drivers and Melissa and Kim make it look easy. In fact it allows me to concentrate on running the business and not so much looking for drivers. They screen the drivers and handle all the paperwork as well. I have been on both sides of the fence. while unemployed I called Melissa and told her I was looking for a job and sent her my resume. The next day I had a management position. Now I use their service to hire all our employees. I feel blessed to have met both Melissa and Kim."

Mark McAlister

Field Operations Manager

High Mountain Oil

"The thing that impresses me the most with Energy Recruiting Services is I get what I ask for. I have used other recruiting services that didn't listen to me needs, and sent anyone over hoping that I would sift through and find someone that worked. I thought I hired them to do that. Energy Recruiting Services listened first and then sends the perfect applicants. 100% of the applicants they send over have been people that I would hire. I was able to choose from the best of the best. Thank-You Energy Recruiting Services for your hard work and excellent service."

Ira Smith

Field Operations Manager

Prairie Field Services

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